Turn-key Aquaponics offers a variety aquaponic, hydroponic, parallel, and hybrid growing systems to meet your production goals, tailored to your location.
Different growing systems and growing media are more (or less) appropriate for different crops, and for different climate zones. We design your installation and specify commonly used technologies, but also provide our own proven proprietary systems to meet your production, nutrition, and financial goals across more than 30 vegetable varieties and several species of fish.

The most successful aquaponics systems include fully integrated greenhouse, production, financial, and marketing details, and are tuned to the local climate and end- user/consumer environment. Plant varieties and fish species are chosen for maximum synergy and seasonal adaptability, and production planning is set by seasonal demand criteria, whether for personal consumption, or for resale.  

Aquaponics is a well proven and successful TROPICAL technology. We have successfully adapted this system to high altitude, cold weather locations for both commercial and residential production.
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